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Sportsurge Full Review: What is it & 7 Best Alternatives to Sportsurge

By Manuel Last Update:April 12, 2024
Category: Review

The traditional TV is almost dead, as on demand services and internet streaming take over, due to cheaper internet access, and the launch of services like StarLink which bring the internet to even the most remote parts of the world. We now live in a world where it is actually normal to stream live TV directly from the internet, and sports are also not an exception. While most of the live sports streaming services are PPV (pay-per-view), the internet has also been seeing a lot of free live sports streaming sites, such as popping up. Here in this post, we’ll discuss what is SportSurge exactly and top 7 free/paid SportSurge alternatives.

What is SportSurge

SportSurge is simply a live-sports streaming website that has seen steady growth, even though it is technically still in beta, offering access to live sports channels and special sports events. The content includes live games, replays, and highlights and all of them are presented in a very intuitive layout.

How to Use SportSurge

The use of SportSurge is very easy, because they designed the site with ease of use in mind, which will also explain why it is among the best free live sports streaming sites. To use it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit SportSurge. The domain of SportSurge changes from time to time, and therefore the best way to visit it is to do a search engine, such as a Google search.

sportsurge alternative

Step 2: Click on what you want to watch from the main page, for example, basketball, baseball, soccer etc.

Step 3: Click on the game/match you want to watch from the links. This will open a new page, and streaming links will pop-up 60 minutes before the matches start.

For some sports, such as soccer, you will be redirected to other sites where you will see the streaming links.

SportSurge Not Working – 3 Ways to Fix it

Having trouble with streaming from SportSurge? Here are three easy fixes for you to try if you are facing problems.

1. Your internet connection could be slow

As you might probably know, video streaming requires a lot of internet bandwidth. If you are not getting any video playback, or if the stream continuously freezes, then you would definitely need a faster connection.

2. Your internet browser cache could be causing problems

Browser cache, especially when it becomes corrupted is a known culprit that can cause video playback issues. To fix this, you can clear your browser cache.

3. Your ISP could be concealing the connection

SportSurge is illegal in some countries and jurisdictions, because of copyright issues. To fix this, you will need to use a VPN, to bypass such restrictions and watch without interruptions.

Best 7 Sportsurge Alternatives to Watch Live Matches

Are you facing problems with SportsSurge or simply seeking a better alternative that can allow you to watch more live sports? Here is a list of three paid alternatives and four free alternatives that you can try right now.

1. ESPN+

ESPN is definitely one of the biggest names when it comes to sports, which makes it the best paid SportSurge alternative that not only allows you to watch American sports, but also allows you to follow international sports like the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NHL, soccer, MLB, and more. ESPN+ will cost $9.99 a month for the basic plan, and it could cost less if you bundle it with streaming services like Hulu and Disney+.

sportsurge alternative

2. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is an on-demand streaming service directly from the BBC, and you can stream movies, TV shows, and in this case, sports. The sports section has many live sports, including soccer, Formula 1, cricket, rugby, snooker, winter sports, and more. It also features some sports documentaries. To watch BBC iPlayer, you need a BBC TV license.

sportsurge alternative

3. YouTube Sports

YouTube is the world’s biggest video streaming site, which also encompasses other streaming services such as movies, live TV, courses, music, and in this case sports. As a matter of fact, YouTube allows you to create the ultimate package of sports channels paired with many modern features from over 100 channels. The disadvantage that YouTube Sports has over SportSurge is that it is not cheap, and it can cost you as much as $65 a month.

sportsurge alternative


ITVX is considered a BBC iPlayer alternative, as both are from the UK. It is therefore another alternative streaming service with live coverage for many major sports events, such as rugby, NFL, major UEFA football games, and much more. The best thing about ITVX is that it is free to use. However, although you can opt for a no-ads plan which costs $5.99 a month.

sportsurge alternative

5. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a direct competitor to SportSurge, and it is also it a free sports streaming site, that also has liveTV, shows and more. Most people know it because of free sports. It has a collection of sports channels which allow you to watch soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, rugby, boxing, MMA, WWE, motorsports, and more. It was launched back in 2012, and it has grown since then. Just like SportSurge, Stream2Watch constitutes copyright infringement, which makes it illegal in some parts of the world.

sportsurge alternative

6. LiveTV

LiveTV is yet another good alternative, which is available internationally and free of charge. You can watch football, ice hockey, baseball, boxing, racing, handball, baseball and more. It also has a section for sports betting, if that’s your thing, and you can create an account to save your preferences.

sportsurge alternative

7. MamaHD

The last recommendation for alternatives is MamaHD. It has a lot of live sports available for streaming, but the biggest advantage is the amount of hidden ads you have to bypass before you start watching. What does that mean? It means you will need to click on a sports link multiple times before you start watching. It is best to avoid the ads, as they could lead you to harmful sites.

sportsurge alternative

Bonus Part. How to Download All Live Matches for Offline Playback

Do you need to download live match videos from SportSurge or the mentioned alternatives above, to your computer for any personal reason? Of course you can easily do that with YT Saver Video Downloader, which is among the top live video downloaders on the internet. It is the internet’s favorite video downloader, because of its ease of use, advanced but easy to use features and its ability to download videos from over 10,000 websites (including live-streaming sites like YouTube Live, Twitch Live, Vimeo Live).

YT Saver can download HD videos to MP4, MKV, WMV, AAC, WAV, OGG, HEVC MP4, HEVC MKV, or formats suitable for mobile devices (Android and iOS).


YT Saver is a program intended for personal use only, and cannot under any circumstances be used for commercial purposes. The downloading of video and audio files from some websites in certain areas, countries or regions is subjected to local laws, which you should be aware and taking note of.

Here is step-by-step guide on how to download live matches from SportSurge with YT Saver.

Step 1: First, download and install the YT Saver Video Downloader application on your computer. The links below are for Windows and macOS versions of the software.

40,000,000+ Downloads
20,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2: Once installed, you will need to open it and look at the top right part. Here, you can choose the video quality you want to download. Plus, you can also set the output format for the target video.

sportsurge alternative

Step 3: Go to SportSurge or its alternatives, and copy the link of the video you want to download. Click on the Paste URL button in YT Saver. The program will start downloading your video.

sportsurge alternative

* Note: kindly note that when you hit the stop button, the entire downloading task will end subsequently.

Step 4: Check the finished tasks. All the downloaded videos will be archived to the “Downloaded” panel, where you can preview the videos and even move specific videos to Private Folder.

sportsurge alternative
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