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[2024 Update] How to Download TikTok Video on iPhone/Android/PC/Mac

By Lainey Last Update:December 27, 2023
Category: TikTok

Similar to Instagram, TikTok is a social networking app that allows the users to interact with their audience through video content. Where, this application is originally designed to be accessed via your iPhone and Android. But you can also access TikTok via the browser of your Mac and Windows PC and perform virtually the same functions you can do on your phone such as browse the feed, make comments and even add your content.

Sometimes you want to save your favorite TikTok video for offline viewing and sharing. As most online content is protected by copyrights law not all downloaders can download the videos. In this article we will talk about how you can easily download video TikTok using some good video downloaders.

How to Download TikTok Video Directly within TikTok APP

There are two methods for downloading TikTok videos, which are readily accessible. Both methods work with Android as well as iOS devices.

Method 1

To begin, you must search for the video of your choice.

Step 1 Then, open the video by pressing it.

Step 2 As soon as the video starts to play when the video begins playing, press and hold your finger. TikTok will give you three choices.

Step 3 Click on the Save Video option.

save tiktok video Step 4 Based on the phone you’re using as well as your operating system, be offered the choice of the location you want to place the saved video.

However, many phones will provide the possibility of saving your video or forwarding it via email. Sending the video via email is a possible solution if you’re unable to download the file on your phone in the first place.

Method 2

Step 1 After you’ve located your video, simply tap the share icon to share it.

tiktok share video Step 2 Your phone will show an ad-hoc display with a variety of choices. Click to save your video button; and your video will download to the Downloads folder or your Video folder, based on the phone you are using and your operating-system configurations.

save tiktok video

How to Download Protected, Private Video from TikTok

Method 1: How to Save TikTok Video as a Live Photo or GIF

Another method of downloading a TikTok video would be to save it as a Live Photo (or GIF. But remember that when you save a video as a GIF, the only thing you will be capable of is saving only the image (not just the sound). Follow the instructions below to download the TikTok video as a Live Photo or GIF.

Step 1 Start your TikTok application on your smartphone.

Step 2 Browse the video that you want to save.

Step 3 Click Share. Press the share button (repressed by an arrow of white).

Save TikTok Video as a Live Photo or GIF Step 4 Tap either the Live Photo or Share as GIF button if available. You may have to scroll down at the bottom to locate these buttons. The Live Photo or GIF will save to the phone’s image gallery.

Save TikTok Video as a Live Photo or GIF

When saving a video to a GIF or as a Live Photo in the event of saving a video, you’ll only be allowed to save that video (not the audio).

Method 2: How to Download TikTok Video Online via Third-party Tool

The Video Downloader on TikTok is the most effective video downloader that lets you download video content from various social media sites and video websites onto your device. It’s quick and completely free. TikDown is compatible with all devices. It supports iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows PC / Mac OS. Make sure you are using a updated browser such as Safari or Chrome to enjoy the application efficiently. Download unlimited videos without watermark; there’s no limit on the number of downloads you do every day.

How to Download TikTok Video Online?

Step 1 Launch the TikTok application; locate the videos you would like to download with no watermark. Click on “Share” button and then on “Copy Link” button.

download tiktok video online Step 2 After you have copied the video URL, you should paste it into the input field on the top page. Then, click the “Get Video” button. In a short time, you will see the video ready to download.

download tiktok video online Step 3 The video is available! You can now download it with no watermark. Alternatively, you could download music to download it instead. The music will be available in mp3 format, and the video will be in mp4 format.

download tiktok video online

Best TikTok Video Downloader for Pc/Mac

YT Saver is the best TikTok video downloader for desktop computers for multiple reasons. First, this software is compatible with many websites, including TikTok, and is easy to use. YT Saver also allows you to convert TikTok videos into different file formats, including MP3, MP4, AAC, WAVand more. It has an integrated web browser that allows you to browse video and audio sharing websites easily and download videos directly from the websites. Due to these and many other features, it is top choice among the users for downloading videos from online sites.

YT Saver Video Downloader

Download Video from TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Niconico, etc.

  • Support 10,000+ music/video popular websites
  • All public or private TikTok videos can be downloaded effortlessly via this tool
  • Download video in any resolution, including 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K, etc.
  • 10X faster download speed than any other downloader
  • Download playlists and multiple videos in one click
  • Once the video is downloaded, it can be played back on any device
Secure Download
Secure Download

How to Download TikTok Video in HD/1080p?

Step 1 Head over to website, search for the video you wish to download,  then copy the video URL.

copy tiktok video url Step 2 Launch the YT Saver program; select the quality and output format that you want such as 1080p and MP4, from the Preferences tab.

set mp4 format output ytsaver Step 3 Click the “Paste URL” button, the video will begin downloading automatically.

download tiktok video ytsaver Step 4 After the downloading gets completed successfully, you can look for the video in the Downloaded tab of the software.

download tiktok video ytsaver

People Also Ask

🎠 How to Download TikTok Video Without Watermark?

Download the TikTok video without watermark by using Tikdown TikTok downloader:

  1. Open your TikTok application, and locate the videos you wish to download. Tap on “Share” button and then click on the “Copy Link” button.
  2. After you’ve copied the video URL paste it into the input box at the top of the page and click on “Get Video.”
  3. The video is now available! It is now available for download without a watermark. You can also download music and then download it.

🎵 How to Download TikTok to MP4 or MP3?

You can download TikTok videos using YT Saver:

  1. Find the TikTok video you wish to download, and then copy the URL into the address bar.
  2. Select the format of output and quality you’d like.
  3. Hit “Paste” tab to begin the download process.

🛷 Is There a Chrome Add-on to Download TikTok Videos?

You can also download TikTok videos using a chrome browsing extension. TT Downloader download high-quality videos from any posts on TikTok and save them to your personal computer by pressing the Download Button (yellow Download image) present above the video’s upper-right corner. You can also download all videos in bulk that you visit on TikTok and then open the extension popup in the toolbar to download them.

Secure Download
Secure Download
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