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[2024 Update] 12 Best LiveLeak Alternative Sites

By Lainey Last Update:December 27, 2023
Category: Review

LiveLeak is like any other video-sharing platform but what makes it different from the rest of the online video hosting sites is its policy of free speech and the system of not censoring uploaded videos. These things have redefined video streaming and taken it to another level. It won’t be wrong to say that the platform’s operation was a hit with everyone.

LiveLeak is the perfect platform for you to constantly view videos, news, and other entertaining content. What’s more? You can also access the platform to get the latest insights on significant events regarding world issues, politics, and much more.

LiveLeak is not the only platform that offers such services. Many other platforms offer similar services. Here are 12 top sites like LiveLeak to give you the same fun.

What Is LiveLeak?

LiveLeak is an internet media platform that redefines the web. LiveLeak is a storage and organizing website that will help you organize your stuff. Although it is free to use, there are certain requirements that users must follow.

This platform is not permitted to publish violent or adult material. Illegal media is also not allowed to be published on this platform. This website accepts graphics-based media, provided it contains sufficient factual background information. Although the rules are not simple, this website offers excellent services.


What Happened to LiveLeak?

LiveLeak was closed down on May 7, 2021, after fifteen years. Although the site founder did not give any details, it is possible that the site hosted a lot of violence and gore inappropriate for mainstream websites. Visitors to the LiveLeak website were redirected to ItemFix. Some of the faithful fans had to look for a LiveLeak alternative.

Hayden Hewitt, the founder of LiveLeak, wrote a blog post saying goodbye to the site’s community. We are grateful to everyone who has supported us, including uploaders, casual visitors, and trolls. We have been your constant companion, and even though we don’t communicate as often, you are cherished far more than you know. Your content was captivating and entertained me on a personal level. To those who have passed on, I am still thinking of you.

Top 12 Best Sites like LiveLeak

#1. Kaotic

If you are looking for LiveLeak similar sites, Kaotic is one of the best alternatives for extreme videos. Kaotic hosts the largest free file repository of graphic videos, extreme content, and funny user uploads. It also contains uncensored news, shocking real-life content, and even more.


#2. ItemFix

ItemFix is the next site on this list. Similar to LiveLeak, this site is a video-sharing website for video enthusiasts. This website is available in English. This platform allows you to upload, watch, and share videos. Most videos focus on random issues and things that people do in a country. It is easy to use and understand. The site loads quickly and each video is navigable at a reasonable speed.


#3. Veoh

Veoh is a platform for people who only want high-quality videos. Veoh is a platform that allows users to upload and watch videos. This LiveLeak alternative is simply adorable. Compare it with other platforms, and you will see the difference. You will enjoy a wide range of categories. Veoh offers content to entertain all tastes, including horror, comedy and adventure, movies, anime, and other niches.


#4. Xfinity

Visit Xfinity if you are looking for a relaxing place to watch quality videos that will make your heart swell and keep you smiling. You will be astonished at the video quality you will find on this platform. Xfinity Video offers a free plan as well as a premium plan that requires a monthly subscription. There are many categories in which you can find interesting videos. You can choose from lifestyle, finance, TV, or entertainment. You can also search for TV listings and view TV online.


#5. Engage Media

Engage Media is similar to LiveLeak because it is also a non-profit platform that promotes rights, equality, and other social issues through citizen journalism, just like LiveLeak. Its content is mainly focused on the Asian region of the world.

It is associated with many projects and events, including MovieMento, CrossRoads, Chindwin and Sambel. It also uploads its own research as well as research from independent uploaders. Some of its most popular uploads are its Video4Change research and VideoChronic research.

Engage Media

#6. Videoshub

Meta Cafe changed its name to Videoshub many years ago. In its early days, Metacafe looked similar to YouTube and Dailymotion. But, it evolved into short-form video entertainment. Partners included major movie studios, game publishers, broadcast and satellite TV networks, music labels, and sports leagues. The site was supported by ads and collaborated closely with entertainment, consumer electronics, and telecommunications brands.


#7. Kill Some Time

Although not as popular, Kill Some Time is a great addition to the category of sites similar or identical to LiveLeak. Although the site isn’t as extensive as some others, it is very user-friendly and well-organized.

This site has one thing you will love the most. It does not have the recommendation feature, but it also eliminates the need to register. It runs in the same way as other sites, such as LiveLeak, in major categories. These categories include funny videos, photos, jokes and fight videos. You can also follow some channels to find interesting content.

Kill Some Time

#8. Ebaumworld

This popular website is the best place to go if you enjoy watching shocking movies. The video includes news stories (like Nurse Utah, who was forcibly arrested) and viral videos like a student throwing a fit after her teacher took her fake Identity.

Ebaumworld‘s videos section is unpredictable, and that is why Ebaum’s World is so fun. These are some great NSFW videos organized under the heading NSFW. You can’t go wrong with the Ebaum’s World website if you enjoy unpredictable, funny, shocking, and scary videos.


#9. BitChute

BitChute is another popular LiveLeak alternative video-streaming platform. You will be entertained for hours or longer with the quality content on BitChute. There is something for everyone in all categories, including anime, animations, politics, travel, music, education, and even politics. The quality of the videos on this platform is another impressive feature. Enjoy high-quality videos and never-ending new content—register and sign in today to start.


#10. MyVidster

Next up is MyVidster LiveLeak alternatives allow you to view videos taken by others and share them on social media. You can create a video collection and have others view it. You can also see the video collections of others. This is why the site has gained a lot of attention over time. It fosters streamers and provides a great environment. It is a great alternative for Liveleak because of its large variety of videos.


#11. DTube

DTube is a YouTube-owned and operated platform. Although they look very similar, both platforms have their own unique features. YouTube has strict rules, whereas DTube allows adult content.

DTube allows you to enjoy amazing live streaming experiences. This platform allows you to upload and watch videos. You will need to register for an account. This platform is also one of the best LiveLeak alternatives because it gets regular content. There will be plenty of videos to view.


#12. AOL

What would you do if a man tried to cross the Atlantic in a barrel? You may doubt this, but it’s just one of many crazy videos you can find every day on AOL. Many people don’t realize that AOL offers unique services. Now that you know, you can start. This platform has a lot of entertainment videos and news from established and emerging celebrities around the world.


How to Download Videos from LiveLeak Similar Sites?

There are many ways to download media content from the Internet today, YT Saver is the one of best methods you should try.

YT Saver makes it easy to download videos and music. It provides users with a centralized platform that allows them to download videos from various media streaming sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LiveLeak and more, and convert them to MP4, MP3, AAC, WAV and other 20+ desired formats.

Secure Download
Secure Download

How to Download Videos from LiveLeak Similar Sites on PC/Mac

Step 1 First of all, go to the LiveLeak similar website and copy particular video’s URL from the address bar.

copy youtube video url Step 2 Open the YT software, and choose the output format (i.e. mp4) and quality that you want for your video.

set mp4 format ytsaver Step 3 In the next step, hit the “Paste URL” button to start the video download immediately.

paste youtube video url Step 4 Once the process gets completed, you can get the video from the Downloaded tab.

download youtube video ytsaver


These LiveLeak alternatives allow you to find and view unlimited videos.  To download any video from these sites, YT Saver is the best. As, it offers additional features that you can use to get your videos in the desired format and best quality.

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Secure Download
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