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The Ultimate Guide – How to Download Video from Threads

By Manuel Last Update:December 5, 2023
Category: Video

Are you on the hunt to find your favourite videos in the world of Threads? Be assured that we provide a definitive guide on the complexities of downloading video content from this lively platform. No matter if you’re an expert or are a novice to Threads, this step-by-step tutorial is sure to provide users with the knowledge and equipment needed to record and play your favorite videos. Let’s discover the mysteries of downloading videos to transform your Threads experience into a smooth and personalized experience.

threads video downloader

What is Threads?

Threads can be described as a social network online site that is operated through Meta Platforms. It gives users the possibility to upload and share photos, text and videos and also interact with others by replying to reposts, likes, and replies. The posts in the app are known as threads. These may contain up to 500 characters. The threads can also include pictures, hyperlinks, and videos. It is also possible to include hidden words or restrict specific accounts. This means you can customize the user experience as the other platforms for social media.

If you are looking to download videos on threads to watch offline there are various way to go about it. We will discuss the best threads video download methods you can use to easily save videos.

3 Best Threads Video Downloader Tools (Android/iPhone/PC)

Now, you can easily download videos from Threads with these high-quality tools to use on Android, iPhone, and PC.

1. Tool for Android (Editor’s Choice)

It won’t be wrong to say that android users are increasing day by day; thanks to the rapid technological advancements. If you’re one of those billions of android users in 2023, you might be looking for the best Threads Video Downloader for Android. There are lots and lots of downloading apps available for this purpose, thus finding the best and most reliable one is kind of hard. A good video downloading app is the one that comes with powerful capabilities, easy-to-use interface, fast download speed, supports various output options, and what even more important is pricing.

In this regard, YT Saver for Android is by far the best android app for downloading Threads videos or from more than 10,000 other online websites. It allows you to download videos such as TikTok video directly on android devices at ultra-fast speed and high quality. Whether you want to download complete playlist, channel, or multiple videos from user pages, it has the ability to download all videos at one time. This android app comes with a built-in browser and also allows you to download videos to an external SD card, thus save storage space of your phone.

threads video download on android

Step 1: Install YT Saver App on Android

You can download YT Saver APK file from the button given below. Once you have downloaded the file, run it to on your Android device to install the app. Here, we will also like to share that YT Saver is a virus-free and safe app, you can install it with full confidence.

Step 2: Access the Threads Video

Next, you can directly copy the URL of the video from the Threads using any web browser or the Threads App on your device. After copying the link, just open the YT Saver App and it will automatically pop-up a prompt box will all the download details. Check the video details and press the Download button.

download threads video

Step 3: Set Required Download Parameters

After taping on the “Download” button below the video, it will give you a choice of formats and qualities for the download. Select Download type as Video and the required Quality option.

Step 4: Locate the Threads Video File

Finally, press the OK button and the downloading process will be started automatically. Upon completion, you can find the downloaded file in the “Downloaded” folder of your device.

2. Threads Video Downloader for iPhone

FoxFM Offline Video Player is a program that allows you to download a variety of documents from various cloud storage services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. As the name suggests, you can quickly browse and organize the files on this platform without internet access needed.

In addition, FoxFM’s most popular feature is actually the ability to play media videos and convert them for your iPhone. The Offline Video Player offers a broad range of formats, so you can manage, save and play video formats such as MP4. Additionally, if you own some files you want to secure, then it’s suggested to make use of the Passcode option. However, it also offers premium access and is also available if you want additional features.

how to download video from threads

3. Threads Video Downloader for PC

Another excellent tool for your PC is Threads Video Downloader. This program lets you download any image, video as well or GIF from the Threads website directly onto your device in one click. Threads Downloader is an absolutely free Threads video downloader, with ultra-rapid download speeds. It can be used with any video of the newly launched social media app from Instagram named Threads. Each video is downloaded as MP4 files in HD ensuring high-quality playback.

With this tool threads video download has become too easy you can save videos with high resolution that are up to the original quality of the Threads application. After you type in the link to your post and then select “Load Videos,” you are presented with a variety of choices of quality to select from. Pick the one with the highest resolution for downloading the video at the greatest resolution.

threads downloader

Can You Use Threads without Instagram?

Due to the fact that Threads as well as Instagram are so tightly linked and interconnected, it’s crucial to be wary regarding the possibility of account deletion. In accordance with Threads’ additional privacy policies, you are able to disable your profile at any point, “but your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account.”

What Does the Threads Number Mean on Instagram?

Threads automatically places a badge on the Instagram profiles of users who have signed up. This is the order in which individuals joined Threads. If the number you have is 534 for instance that means you were the 534th member to sign up on Thread. If you tap your personal badge when you’re logged in, you’ll receive smiling messages that tell you what number person you were to join the app. After that, you can use the app to browse your profile on Threads and/or “Hide badge”, although clicking the latter option will open the “Are you sure?” message telling users of the fact that “You can’t add it back to your profile once you’ve removed it.”

The YT Saver Application is designed only for personal use. It is essential to comply with and abide by the Terms of Service and guidelines for content usage of the Threads platform, or any other platform through which videos are downloaded.

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