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Full Guide to Download Twitch VODs with Every Detail You Need

By Manuel Last Update:March 15, 2023
Category: Video

VOD, or video on demand, is one of the terms you’ll frequently hear as you get more accustomed to Twitch. This is because previously streamed contents are mostly archived on Twitch.

As a game streaming platform, Twitch allows users to watch fantastic streams live. If users were unable to view the live stream, they could still watch the VODs of their preferred streamers. However, it may occur to us the idea of downloading Twitch VODs for offline viewing.

How to Download Twitch VODs to MP4 from Others’ Channels?

It’s difficult to download Twitch VODs from others’ channels because Twitch does not permit it by default. As a result, you need to utilize a third-party program to quickly obtain Twitch VODs from other channels, such as online tool, mobile app or desktop software, etc.

In this article we will discuss every method to download VODs in accordance with systems.

How to Download Twitch VODs on Mac and Windows?

Many users get accustomed to view Twitch living stream on their PC, but it is not to download videos to PC. Internet is flooded with software and website of virus, that is why we need a professional and clean tool.

YT Saver is a well-known Twitch VODs downloader which is clean and safe to use. The ease-of-use interface makes downloading videos incredibly straightforward. And it makes downloading Twitch VODs simpler by enabling you to save Twitch videos in high quality and at completely accelerated conversion speeds,.

Users can choose to download 720P, 1080P, or even 4K videos from Twitch with the help of YT Saver video downloader without suffering any quality loss. That means if you ever need the best Twitch vod downloader, then you have it.

Note: Using YT Saver, you can download Twitch VODs on Mac and Windows easily. The steps for PC users of both systems should be no big difference.

Steps to Download Twitch VODs on Windows/Mac with A Clean Tool:

Step 1 Copy the URL of the Twitch video you want to download from Twitch app or website.

copy link from twitch

Step 2 Open YT Saver and select the video output format and quality that you like on the setting, such as mp4 and 8k.

set mp4 format ytsaver

Step 3 Paste link you copied and YT Saver will launch an automatic download.

ytsaver twitch vod downloader

Step 4 On the downloaded tap, you can find the video is ready to watch, share and even convert.

ytsaver download twitch vod

How to Download Twitch VODs on Android for Free?

It’s recommended to use an application from the Google Play Store to download Twitch VODs on Android. For example, iTubeGo is a free app that makes it easy to download Twitch VODs and offers the option to cut the video length while downloading.

📖How-to steps

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Twitch video you want to download on Twitch app or website.

copy twitch vod link

Step 2: Open iTubeGo android app, and paste the URL to the blank area shown in the photo.

twitch vod download android

Step 3: Tap Download button on the right-lower side on iTubeGo android app.

twitch download android vodtwit

Step 4: Choose the format and quality to output. Then find it on the Files.

twitch download android vodtwit

How to Download Twitch VODs on iPhone for Free?

One of the easiest ways to download Twitch VODs on iPhone is by using an app called Vod Saver App. This app is a file manager and media player that can be used to download and manage files on your iPhone.

📖How-to steps

Step 1: Copy the URL of the Twitch video you want to download on Twitch app.

vodsaver iphone twitch

Step 2: Open Vod Saver to paste the link on the blank, Just choose the video length and output quality.

Vodsaver twitch vod downloader

Step 3: Choose the output quality and VOD length you need.

vodsaver set format

Step 4: Tap Download and the video will be ready in short time. You can add to photo by one click.

vodsaver twitch vod

How to Download Twitch VODs with Online Downloader?

If you’re a Twitch viewer looking to download and save VODs from your favorite Twitch feeds, Untwitch is a great free online tool to use. Unlike other tools out there, it doesn’t require any installation or registration. Simply use the online tool to download Twitch VODs to your PC or mobile phone via a web browser.

Download Twitch VODs Without Installation or Registration:

Step 1: Copy the Link of the VODs you want to download from Twitch.

copy link from twitch

Step 2: Open Untwitch on a web browser, and then paste the URL there.

untwitch online downloader

Step 3: Choose the output video length and the quality you need.

twitch online downloader

Step 4: Click on the Download and the VOD you select will be processing automatically to your downloaded file.

twitch vod online downloader

How to Download Twitch VODs with Chrome Extension?

Twitch allows users to stream their gameplay live, but it also offers the ability to watch previously streamed content, called Video on Demand (VOD). However, Twitch doesn’t provide a built-in feature to download these VODs. Fortunately, there are several third-party Chrome extensions available that allow users to download Twitch VODs easily.

Steps to Download Twitch VODs with Chrome Extension:

Step 1: Search download twitch on chrome extension, and choose Twitch Clip Downloader.

search download twitch chrome

Step 2: Add the tool to chrome, and open the built-in by tapping the plugin.

add chrome download twitch

Step 3: Tap the download vod button below the vod you want.

fdwon facebook reel downloader

Step 4: Choose the output quality and VOD length you need, and tap Download button.

download twitch vods chrome

How to Download Twitch VODs of Your Own Channel?

Every broadcast that is streamed on Twitch can be saved as a VOD (video on demand). Twitch VODs are available to download so that streamers can watch them offline.

Twitch streamers and spectators frequently enjoy downloading videos of their preferred broadcasts to store locally or share to other platforms like YouTube.

📖How-to steps

Step 1: Click the user name in the top right corner of the main interface.

tap twitch profile

Step 2: On the drop-down option, select the video producer to go to your creator center.

selecttwitch vod producer

Step 3: Tap the all videos and select your past broadcast, all of your previously recorded broadcasts are now visible.

twitch vod past podcast

Step 4: Select the three dots symbol on the video’s right side.

download own twitch vod

Step 5: Click the Download button to save previous broadcasts on Twitch” option in the drop-down menu.

download twitch-vod official

Final thoughts

The cool things that are happening in your stream can be promoted very well by using VODs on Twitch. Even if you don’t intend to make highlights for any of your previous streams, it is still a good idea to save them in case your plans change.

I hope you have been enlightened on how to download Twitch VODs with all kinds of tools. It is worth mentioning that YT Saver is a clean and professional tool. Just give a good try.

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