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YT Saver Video Downloader Crack Windows/Mac Free Download 2024

By Lainey Last Update:December 27, 2023
Category: Review

Are you looking for YT Saver crack? In this post, we will thoroughly explain what YT Saver is and some risks of downloading and using YT Saver crack. YT Saver is a straightforward yet powerful video downloader that allows you to download videos from a variety of media sites or video sharing platforms, and that’s what you seek for now.

Please keep reading this guide so you can fully understand this software.

What is the YT Saver Video Downloader Crack Version?

Just like any other program, a cracked version of this software is also available on the internet that might look like the original program and also doesn’t requires you to pay for anything. However, the YT Saver Crack versions are developed by the cyberpunks by making changes in the inner codes of the software so that it behaves differently from the original one. It is available to be freely downloaded from different websites, but it should be kept in mind that these unofficial crack versions are not legal and safe, and also, don’t comply with any policies or efforts of the original developer.

YT Saver Crack vs. YT Saver Full Version

What are the primary differences between the Crack Version and the Official Full Version of YT Saver? Let’s examine some of the main distinctions.

1. First, Pros and Cons Comparison

There are advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the cracked version of YT Saver, let’s discuss them in detail.

YT Saver Crack Version


  • The program is free to use and does not need any sort of payments.


  • Not Legal: Software cracking is prohibited because it violates third parties’ rights to their intellectual property. Yet, utilizing a cracked version implies taking advantage of the system and disrespecting the work of the original developer, making it an ethically dubious choice.
  • No Regular Updates: YT Saver cracked versions cannot be updated online, thus it is doubtful that they will continue to function after a few days.
  • Viruses & Malware: Installing software from unreliable sources raises the danger of infecting your computer with viruses. These viruses have the ability to monitor your personal information and even access your financial information to steal your money. Also, there is no way to confirm the publisher or determine whether the program you are downloading is authentic.
  • Compatibility Issues: The code of the original program is altered to create a cracked version of the YT Saver. This may result in several hardware issues, which may prevent the software from functioning at all or cause your computer to run much slower. There are several circumstances when a device might overheat and become unresponsive.

YT Saver Full Version


  • A Dedicated Support Team: You have access to customer service around-the-clock, which can assist you with any technical issues.
  • Always Updated: YT Saver is often updated to ensure compatibility with the most recent OS releases. If you purchase the full version, you will constantly receive updates to make sure the software is operating correctly.
  • Completely Safe: You don’t need to be concerned about viruses or data breaches since YT Saver will assume full responsibility for the software.
  • Compatible with Most Devices: The majority of computers are compatible with this amazing program, whether they run Windows or an ARM-based m1 CPU.


  • YT Saver is a paid software and features a $29.99/month membership cost, which is much less than other similar services available in the market.

Full Version Free Download

Being a premium app, YT Saver offers a free trial download so you can see if it works well as per your requirements. You may download the program directly from the official website and choose whether or not to proceed with the transaction.

Secure Download
Secure Download

Or you can download this installation package from other websites:

How Can I Get YT Saver Registration Code + Limited 20% OFF Coupon?

After the trial period, if you wish to keep using YT Saver, you must either pay for the program or use the licensed email address and registration code provided by the company. You may use one of the YT Saver license keys on our list to use the software for nothing.

1. YT Saver License Key 100% Working in 2024 (invalid soon!)

The following are some YT Saver license keys, which ought to function on both Windows and Mac. Use the discount code below if they aren’t working.

Email License Key
[email protected] H2Z4Q-USJW8-26LLP-BOMGH-CM7PO
[email protected] HD52B-UNOVU-OZBXW-6RJXN-SOW2R
[email protected] GMMUI-SJW29-2YRNC-4R54T-PKL2T
[email protected] J6O6J-ABMME-DBIXR-ZSDDM-PEPYU
[email protected] J3WJ4-IER7V-OSKNP-QNUIS-IBHPY
[email protected] JCEQS-CTD4O-OWKS7-E2OC5-O7TJI
[email protected] FVHRX-STERL-PR48Q-ASMVV-KJOWM

2. YT Saver Coupon Code for Full Version Only

You may benefit from discounts and special deals to make the price of the YT Saver full edition even more affordable. With the help of coupon code: YTSAVERCRA20, the program is giving all customers a flat 20% discount. Alternatively, you can just click the coupon below to copy it and add it to your basket.

Secure Store
Secure Store

How to Use YT Saver Full Version for Free?

If you have installed YT Saver, you can even easily download videos from various well-known social media platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, FB, Instagram, TikTok, etc. With a 10x quicker download speed, it may assist you in downloading YouTube playlists, channels, and several videos all at once.

You can also convert videos in any format of your choice without having effect on the original quality, like MP4, MP3, MOV, AAC, OGG, etc. It comes with a built-in browser to make it easier for you to explore media and immediately download movies and audio directly from the websites.

Secure Download
Secure Download

How to Download Videos from YouTube and Other Video Sites for Free?

Step 1 Start with copying the video URL of the movie you want to save for offline viewing.

copy youtube video url

Step 2 Now open the downloaded YT software, and choose the output format you would like to watch your video in, like mp4 and 1080p quality.

set mp4 format

Step 3 Just click on the “Paste URL” button, your video will start downloading automatically.

paste youtube video url

Step 4 Look for the YouTube video on the Downloaded tab.

download youtube video ytsaver

Never Try YT Saver Cracked!

With the help of YT Saver, you can easily download video content and music from literally any platform on the internet. To provide better services and make sure that you never experience any malware, the software must be updated often, and thus the developers charge a tiny monthly fee to make the service available. Before utilizing the program, you can test it out for free. But, considering how risky using a cracked version is, we never advise you downloading YT Saver cracked. Moreover, if your finances are tight, you may also attempt the discount codes or promotional deals recommended in this post.

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