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download video Shuts Down? 10 Best AnimeKisa Alternative Sites to Watch Anime Again

By Lainey Last Update:November 11, 2022
Category: Review

Anime is one of the popular categories in movies and plays an important part in adults’ daily life. Various websites provide free online streaming with subtitles. AnimeKisa TV is one of the popular websites for Anime streaming which became popular among users in a short time due to its unique features.

Users complain that AnimeKisa is no longer working and are looking for better alternatives. In this article, let’s discuss the AnimeKisa alternatives and how to download videos from them.

Why is Shutting Down?

Without any doubt, AnimeKisa is a paradise for most Anime lovers. Since AnimeKisa didn’t have ads, it became more popular than ever. But with the increase in users, AnimeKisa needed money to operate the servers and website. They had no option rather than advertising on the website to generate money. But with many complaints from the users, AnimeKisa reduced the ads they showed to users asking the community to donate to the operation and service. But they didn’t receive the funds they expected from the users, and on May 2022, they decided to shut down the AnimeKisa forever.

animekisa tv shut down

Top 10 Best AnimeKisa Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

AnimeKisa TV has shut down its service. This time, where can we watch Anime Online? Don’t worry, we will list the 10 best AnimeKisa alternatives sites for you to enjoy Anime all the time.

1. is an excellent website as an alternative to AnimeKisa shut down, where you will find a huge collection of streaming and fan-rated anime. With this page, you can browse a wide variety of anime series and movies with subtitles dubbed into English completely free of charge. This page has a high rate of daily updates, not to mention its options to download your favourite anime, allowing you to save them on our devices so you can watch them anytime, anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

2. Kissanime

Kissanime is a free anime streaming site with an enormous collection of anime in different languages. Although there is an option to register, users can still watch anime online without creating an account. The trending section on the site makes Kissanime special among the other websites. It provides an overall idea of what type of anime is popular among the users. Most of the anime is in the original language or with English subtitles, while there is less content in French. The video resolution varies from 480p to 1080p and covers a wide range of genres, including Action, Drama, History, Shoujo Ai, Comedy, Devil, Romance, Samurai, Supernatural Shounen, and more.


3. GogoAnime

GogoAnime is arguably the pioneering site for free online anime streaming. If you are a user who is not concerned about the subtitles, GogoAnime provides a collection of anime with English subtitles. The site is extremely organized and maintained. It has a list of popular categories, newly released seasons and movies in one place. For users with good Japanese knowledge, GogoAnime is a gold mine. The best thing is that it has no ads, and the playback quality is quite good. As an interesting fact, it is worth mentioning that it does not require registration to watch any of the available anime.


4. 9anime

The first impression when you access 9anime is that it is an anime search engine. Its search engine finds any anime, whether old or new, Initial-D, Dragon Ball, Akira, etc. Another thing to highlight about 9anime is that despite being free, it doesn’t show annoying popup ads on your screen. The website is accessible from anywhere worldwide, and no prior registration is required. All the videos are of the highest resolution regardless of the internet speed. 9anime works fine on desktop and mobile devices, even with old browsers, so you can enjoy your anime anywhere you want.


5. 4anime

Another alternative to AnimeKisa is 4anime. It is a popular anime streaming website where users can find the latest anime variety in different qualities. No need to create an account or pay any amount to access the streams. It is free to use and ad-free. 4anime has thousands of titles divided into more than 25 unique genres, scattered in one of the most comprehensive libraries on the entire Internet. This is updated daily with the latest episodes of our favourite anime episodes.


6. Animention

One of the most recent and popular websites to enjoy anime online is Animention. It allows users to access hours of entertainment. Of course, all this is free and with subtitles in different languages. This website will allow us to keep track of different anime thanks to a section dedicated to our favourite titles’ new and future episodes, including their release date. It is worth mentioning its high refresh rate, often ahead of the rest of the pages to see anime. Its community on Discord also deserves mention, which now has almost 10,000 users.


7. Masterani

Masterani stands out as one of the best web pages to watch anime online for free, thanks to a wide selection of content. It always provides the latest releases and the most popular trending ones. Most of the free content is perfect for watching hundreds of anime and even Korean dramas in standard or HD quality. Being a free site, it does not require prior registration, although it usually has small ads when playing content.


8. Simplyaweeb

Simplyaweeb offers everything users want, a site that is easy to navigate and fast to play, without the need to create any kind of account or get any membership. Search for your favourite anime or movie and run it on any device. The website is presented as a simple and intuitive portal for its users, consisting of just a few sections. It dedicates a section to upcoming releases, where we have information about the future episodes of those anime in broadcast, which is ideal for people who don’t want to miss their favourite episodes.


9. Animeshow

Animeshow is a platform that puts at your disposal various genres of anime movies and series in broadcast and popularity among fans of this kind of content. It has an attractive interface and a high refresh rate. Also, the website is available for mobile devices, giving you free access to approximately 2,000 anime episodes. All the contents are in high resolution and would not require prior registration to access the content.


10. Anime-planet

Finally, we leave Anime-planet, one of the flagships and most popular sites to watch quality anime. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular of the genre, and the best thing is that it is available in different countries around the world, including one of the largest collections in terms of anime that you can imagine. Without forgetting the comfort for its users, allowing its episodes to be downloaded on any of its devices and making it comfortable to play them on our phone and computer is why it has become one of the most recommended options.


Free Download Anime from Sites Like

YT Saver Video Downloader is no longer a new name for most anime lovers who download content from the Internet. It makes it easier for users to download anime content from any site they wish without losing the quality. This download tool also supports multiple formats, including MP4, MP3, M4V, 3GP, FLAC, etc., and supports over 10000 video streaming sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, TikTok, Niconico, etc.

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10,000,000+ Downloads

How to Download Videos from the best AnimeKisa TV alternatives

Step 1 Go to the website that has the anime that you want to download. Open the anime video and copy its URL from the address bar.

copy anime video url

Step 2 Open the software and click on the Settings icon. From the Downloaded window, go to the Preference page and set the output format and quality of the video you want. If needed, change the destination and other settings. Click Apply to save the changes.

set mp4 format ytsaver

Step 3 Click the Paste URL button to automatically download videos to the destination folder.

download anime video

Step 4 Click on the Downloaded tab on the left pane to find the downloaded videos. To check the progress of the downloading videos, click on the Downloading tab.

download anime video ytsaver


For users who wish to download anime videos without losing the quality, we highly recommend using YT Saver. Even though AnimeKisa no longer provides the service, users can choose other alternatives. If you are interested, try many alternative websites as possible and find the one that matches you the most.

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