[2023 Update] How to Free Download Bollywood 4k Ultra HD Video Songs

December 26, 2022

    Many users enjoy watching 4K Bollywood videos since it gives extra enjoyment. But due to the connectivity issues and lower bandwidth, streaming 4K videos smoothly is a challenging task.

    So, many users tend to download these 4K Bollywood videos for offline viewing. Hence, there is a necessity to find a better 4K Bollywood video song download tool for this purpose. Here, we introduce you to one of the best software you find in the market.


    How to Download Bollywood 4k Ultra HD Video Songs

    You don’t need to be an expert to download 4K Bollywood videos. We introduced the YT Saver Video Downloader, in which you can download 4K videos without any limitation.

    Since 4K videos are of larger file size, it can take time to get downloaded. But when you use YT Saver, with the 10x faster downloading speed, you can get them into your device in seconds.

    It doesn’t matter where you find the Bollywood video, YT Saver supports 10,000+ websites, including YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud etc. The Downloaded 4K video songs can be converted to several predetermined formats, like MPEG, MKV, AVI, etc.

    30,000,000+ Downloads
    1,000,000+ Downloads

    Steps for Bollywood 4K Ultra HD Video Song Download in MP4/MP3

    Step 1 Download, Install and Launch

    The first step is downloading and installing the YT Saver software on your PC or Mac. Then go to the place where you find the 4K Bollywood video. Copy its URL.

    copy bollywood 4k video url

    Step 2 Change Configurations

    Open the software and click on the Settings icon. Then change the output format to MP4 and resolution to 2160p. Now click on the Apply button.

    set 4k video format

    Step 3 Paste Video URL

    On the home window, click on the Paste URL button to start downloading the video automatically.

    download bollywood 4k video

    Step 4 Find the Downloaded Files

    You can find the downloaded files in the Download tab and progress once in the Downloading tab.

    download bollywood 4k video

    Two Websites for Bollywood 4K Video Songs Download

    1. Codedwap

    Codedwap is a website that contains a repository of videos, movies, films, music tracks in different formats and qualities, including 4K. They had some copyright issues in the past due to the movies and videos they released through the website. But still, the website is up and running, and users find it easy to download 4K videos from it just by searching through their in-built search engine.


    2. Hungama

    Hungama is considered one of the top entertainment shops you can use to download videos, music tracks, films etc., in different languages. According to Hungama, they have over 10 million music tracks and 5000+ movie collections. You can use their free account to download any content you want. They also provide the preview option to view the content before downloading.


    Top 20 Bollywood 4K Video Songs on YouTube 2021

    Let’s find some of the best Bollywood 4K video songs on YouTube. All of them are listed according to the preferences of the viewers.

    1). Raataan Lambiyan
    Views: 464,157,143
    Release date: Jul 30, 2021
    Click Here
    2). Kusu Kusu Song Ft Nora Fatehi
    Views: 144,795,805
    Release date: Nov 10, 2021
    Click Here
    3). Sooryavanshi: Mere Yaaraa Song
    Views: 49,517,845
    Release date: Oct 27, 2021
    Click Here
    4). Najaa (Full Song) | Sooryavanshi
    Views: 103,833,522
    Release date: Nov 3, 2021
    Click Here
    5). Tenu Lehenga Song: Satyameva Jayate Views: 54,597,461
    Release date: Nov 5, 2021
    Click Here
    6). Zaalima Coca Cola Song
    Views: 119,872,885
    Release date: Jul 28, 2021
    Click Here
    7). Tip Tip Song: Sooryavanshi
    Views: 131,766,220
    Release date: Nov 6, 2021
    Click Here
    8). Ranjha – Official Video
    Views: 192,222,968
    Release date: Aug 5, 2021
    Click Here
    9). Param Sundari -Official Video
    Views: 276,295,892
    Release date: Jul 16, 2021
    Click Here
    10). Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho Song
    Views: 65,172,192
    Release date: Feb 4, 2020
    Click Here
    11). Kabhii Tumhhe
    Views: 88,221,745
    Release date: Aug 19, 2021
    Click Here
    12). Dil Ko Karaar Aaya
    Views: 195,208,100
    Release date: Jul 31, 2020
    Click Here
    13). Aila Re Aillaa
    Views: 87,289,639
    Release date: Oct 21, 2021
    Click Here
    14). Mann Bharryaa 2.0
    Views: 144,185,376
    Release date: Aug 15, 2021
    Click Here
    15). Thoda Thoda Pyaar
    Views: 336,229,670
    Release date: Feb 12, 2021
    Click Here
    16). Sakhiyan2.0
    Views: 193,635,229
    Release date: Aug 13, 2021
    Click Here
    17). Badshah
    Views: 636,557,473
    Release date: Jun 9, 2021
    Click Here
    18). Guru Randhawa: Nain Bengali
    Views: 154,001,178
    Release date: Jul 14, 2021
    Click Here
    19). Dil Lauta Do Song
    Views: 125,600,327
    Release date: Jul 27, 2021
    Click Here
    20). Seeti Maa
    Views: 185,908,562
    Release date: Apr 26, 2021
    Click Here

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