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7 Best & Free Open Source Amazon Music Converters

By Hazel Last Update:December 6, 2023
Category: Music

According to Wikipedia, Amazon Music is a music streaming platform and online music store operated by Amazon. As of January 2020, the service had 55 million subscribers. It was the first music store to sell music without digital rights management from the four major music labels. According to Amazon, the music service features about 100 million songs in HD and millions of songs in Ultra HD. The service also has a growing catalog of music mastered in Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio. If you are not already aware, Amazon Music is one of the strongest competitors to Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify and more. Is it possible for Amazon Music downloads to computer? Continue reading to find out.

open source amazon music converter

Can I Convert Amazon Music to MP3?

As one of the biggest music streaming platforms, it is quite obvious that Amazon Music has strong encryption, and other security standards that prevent people from downloading the music from their servers. So, is it really possible for Amazon Music downloads to computer? The answer is yes, but only if you are using the Amazon Music official apps. The music will be downloaded and saved in an encrypted state, meaning you cannot transfer and play it on another device. Can the official app convert the music to MP3? Unfortunately, no. For that, you would need an Amazon Music converter. What are the best free Amazon Music converters available? Are there any open source Amazon Music converters? Continue reading to discover the best free Amazon Music downloaders;

7 Best Open Source Amazon Music Converters

Here are the seven best Amazon Music Converters that you can try right away;

1. YT Saver Amazon Music Downloader

By far the best Amazon Music Converter is YT Saver, which also works with a lot of other music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, etc. It allows users to download Amazon songs, playlists, and podcasts to DRM-free MP3, M4A, FLAC and listen to Amazon music on any devices. Besides, YT Saver will preserve all ID3 tags including title, artist, and cover artwork so that users can manager their music library freely.

open source amazon music converter

2. iTubeGo for Mac and PC

iTubeGo is a powerful tool, that provides the same functions and features as YT Saver Amazon Music Downloader. For example, it can download videos 4K, 1080p, 720p, and 360p from 10,000+ video-sharing sites. It can also download audio files in MP3, FLAC, AAC and WAV etc. It has both a free and paid version, and essentially a good app for Amazon Music downloads to computer.

open source amazon music converter

3. FreeGrabApp Amazon Music Downloader

FreeGrabApp Amazon Music Downloader has the ability to remove DRM copyright protection, It can download both the playlists and your favorite track, and it can convert tracks to MP3 and other formats. In this case, it also has a free version that you can try, although most features are paid for.

open source amazon music converter

4. AudFree Amazon Music Converter

Another good Amazon Music Downloader that you can try is AudFree Amazon Music Converter. It has both a free and paid version like YT Saver and iTubeGO, with the free version still packed with decent features. It is quite decent for Amazon Music downloads to computer.

open source amazon music converter

5. Audacity

Audacity is a free, and open source cross-platform audio software that is available for Windows, Marcos and Linux. It is important to note that this program is a music recorder, which means you would need to be actively listening to the music from Amazon Music. It is a perfect open source Amazon Music converter if you are not in a hurry to finish downloads.

open source amazon music converter

6. TunesKit Audio Converter

The next best Amazon Music downloader to try is TuneKit Audio Converter. Although the company stopped supporting it with updates, it still works with a number of music streaming platforms. While it is not exactly clear whether or not it works, it is worth a try. It has a very clean interface, and convenient batch conversion which should save you lots of time. It also has a nice ID3 tag editor.

open source amazon music converter

7. MacSome Amazon Music Converter

Like the others above it, MacSome is designed for Amazon users, who want to download individual songs, full playlists, albums, and radio stations from Deezer for offline listening. It offers a free trial to those who want to try it, which is good before you purchase the product.

open source amazon music converter

How to Download and Convert Amazon Music to MP3 or FLAC?

As mentioned above, it is possible to convert Amazon Music to MP3 or FLAC, just as long as you have the right tools for the task. Among the 7 best open source and free Amazon Music converter, YT Saver Amazon Music Converter is the absolute best. Not only is it the best Amazon Music converter, it is also a great tool to download lossless yet DRM-free music from Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.

YT Saver Amazon Music Downloader is a program intended for personal use only, and cannot under any circumstances be used for commercial purposes. The downloading of video and audio files from some websites in certain areas, countries or regions is subjected to local laws, which you should be aware and taking note of.

Step 1: Download the newest version of YT Saver Amazon Music Converter on your PC or Mac.

40,000,000+ Downloads
20,000,000+ Downloads

Step 2: Open YT Saver Amazon Music Converter, enter “Online” module and input the offical URL – After that, log in to your Amazon account.

open source amazon music converter

Step 3: Set the output format and quality. Hover the mouse over “Download then Convert to MP4” tab, and click on the MP4 to switch format. There are various formats from the pop-up list including MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, MKA.

open source amazon music converter

Step 4: Copy the URL of song or playlist. Click on the Copy Link button by “Share this song” option.

open source amazon music converter

Step 5: Hit the “Paste URL” button to initiate the music download. In “Downloading” panel, you can monitor the process of the download.

open source amazon music converter

FAQs About Amazon Music Download

Do you have more questions about Amazon Music downloading? Here are a few FAQs about Amazon Music download that may provide the answers you need.

Can You Transfer Amazon Music to USB?
This is only possible when you have downloaded and saved the music on your computer from Amazon Music. For specific steps about Amazon Music downloads to computer, refer to the previous segment of this guide.

Can You Download Amazon Playlist at Once?
This depends with the app or service you are using. Some apps like YT Saver Amazon Music Downloader have the ability to download entire playlists in a few easy clicks, while others cannot. Therefore, pick your Amazon Music downloader wisely.

How to Transfer Amazon Music to MP3 Player?
This depends with your MP3 player. For some MP3 players, you can directly transfer the music through Windows explorer or Finder (if you use macOS), while some MP3 players require apps for music transfer. You would want to enquire with your MP3 player’s manufacturer for the answer.

How fast is it for Amazon Music downloads to computer?
This depends with your internet speeds, as well as the software you are using for the downloads. Basically, the faster your internet, the faster the downloads.

What is the best way to download Amazon Music?
The best and easiest way to download Amazon Music is YT Saver Amazon Music Downloader.
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